Our Mission at Laredo Housing Authority

The Laredo Housing Authority’s mission is to serve the diverse housing needs of families within its jurisdiction by:

1. Increasing the availability of Constructive, safe, decent, sanitary and affordable in its communities.

2. Ensuring equal opportunity in housing.

3. Promoting self-sufficiency and asset development of families and

4. Improving resident quality of life and economic viability.

5. Providing high-quality client services.

Our Leadership

The Laredo Housing Authority is governed by a five  member Board of Commissioners, one of  whom is a housing authority resident. The Mayor of the City of Laredo, Texas appoints all board members. The Board of Commissioners has fiduciary responsibility as well as responsibility of establishing and overseeing policy for the agency. The Board of Commissioners also hires the Executive Director, who serves as the agency’s Chief Executive Officer. The Executive Director oversees the day-to-day operations of the Housing Authority and implements policies and programs established by the Board.

For the purposes of maintaining transparency and informing the public at large, the LHA will provide the agendas and minutes of its Board of Commissioners meetings.

Board of Directors

Jose L. Ceballos

Chairman of the Board

Appointed 12/11/2015

With more than 20 years of public and private management experience, Jose L. Ceballos is a strong believer in fostering stakeholder collaboration, being publicly transparent and being true to those intended to be served.  He has been active in numerous charitable boards and organizations – including Bethany House of Laredo, Laredo Homeless Coalition, Next Generation Rotary Club, 21st Century Policing Advisory Committee for the City of Laredo, Border Region Behavioral Health Center – Planning and Networking Advisory Council, Eagle Ford Consortium, Future of the Region South Texas, Laredo Environmental Summit, Laredo Humanitarian Relief Team, St. Peters Historic Neighborhood Association, Texas A&M International University – Masters in Public Policy Advisory Board, Avance – Laredo Chapter, Texas Residential Construction Commission,  and the  Laredo Weed and Seed Committee.  Mr. Ceballos owns and operates Totem LLC, which provides consulting services to public and private entities – including executive management, project administration, and external affairs.  He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Texas A&M University – Commerce and a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M International University.

Dr. Sergio Garza

Vice Chairman of the Board

Appointed 01/14/2016

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Dr. Marisela Rodriguez


Appointed 04/01/2016

Dr. Marisela Rodriguez is a wonderful asset to the Laredo Housing Authority. After receiving a Master’s of Science in Biology from UTSA, she began teaching at J. B. Alexander High School Magnet for Health and Science. Her trajectory in education continued as she began teaching at Laredo Community College and worked on programs with the U.S. Department of Education and the National Science Foundation. Rodriguez is currently the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Laredo Community College. She received her Doctorate of Education from Texas A&M in Kingsville in 2016 and currently participates in various professional organizations such as Laredo Board of Realtors and National Board of Realtors, Rotary the Next Generation International Organization, and Texas Community College Teachers Association.

Gina Magallanes


Appointed 01/14/2016

Gina Magallanes represents the residents of the Colonias on the Board of Commissioners. She is a Laredo-native and attended Nixon High School. Ms. Magallanes has lived at Russell Terrance for the last 10 years. She was elected and served as President of Russell Terrace’s Resident Council for 2 years. She believes that the work that Laredo Housing Authority does is important to help the low-income and at-risk communities in our city. Her main focus at LHA is on the children. As a mother of two, she thinks it is important to help our children succeed by not only providing a roof over their heads with safe spaces for play and creativity, but by also giving them every opportunity to develop into fruitful members of our community.

John R. Solis


Appointed 06/10/2015

John R. Solis, a native of San Antonio, TX, founded the Law Office of John R. Solis in 2008 after he earned his law degree and worked with some of the most successful litigators. John Solis graduated from St. Mary’s University, Cum Laude, in 1997 and received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Houston Law Center in 2000. While at the University of Houston, he was employed by one of the country’s top all-time litigators, Richard “Racehorse” Haynes. John Solis has been practicing law since 2000 and, in the intervening years, has successfully resolved more than 1,300 cases, many of which have resulted in substantial verdicts or settlements for his clients. John Solis serves as a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers and Webb County Bar Association.  John Solis is a current board member of the South Texas Food Bank and the Angel of Hope.

Melissa Ortiz

Acting/Interim Executive Director

Melissa Ortiz, born and raised in Laredo, TX, attended Texas A&M International University in Laredo, TX where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. She first began her career with the Laredo Housing Authority in 2002 and has worked in many departments including Resident Services, Finance, and now Administration as the Acting/Interim Executive Director. She also serves in the community as part of the Laredo Homeless Coalition, Laredo Homeless Committee, and Poverty Round Table. Mrs. Ortiz’s goal for LHA is to provide more affordable housing to the community primarily focusing on ending homelessness and assisting Veterans, the elderly, and community youth. She is also interested in modernizing the realm of public housing while still maintaining and preserving the historical beauty of the Colonias.


Admin Department

Administration Department

With today’s technologically-demanding society, it is crucial for the Agency to be able to function in a fast-paced and high-volume environment. The LHA IT department is committed to providing the Agency with a versatile and secure infrastructure so the Agency can function efficiently and securely as it rises to face the challenges set by today’s technological demands.

IT Department

IT Department

With today’s technologically-demanding society, it is crucial for the Agency to be able to function in a fast-paced and high-volume environment. The LHA IT department is committed to providing the Agency with a versatile and secure infrastructure so the Agency can function efficiently and securely as it rises to face the challenges set by today’s technological demands.

Finance Department

Finance Department

This is the LHA’s Finance Department. They hold the purse strings so that the Agency can not only effectively administer the Agency’s programs, but to also meet it’s financial obligations as well. This department is committed to efficiently streamlining our operations and ensuring that the lights stay on and the bills get paid.

Procurement Department

Procurement Department

This is the LHA’s Procurement Department.  As the logisticians of the Agency, they ensure that all items purchased by the Agency and it’s various programs are accounted for and delivered to their final destinations. They also are invaluable in obtaining and retaining services and products essential to the operation of the Agency. Nothing is too big nor too small for this department!

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