The mission of the St. Peter’s Memorial School is to educate students with regards to their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, cultural and physical development.


St. Peter’s Memorial School will create a strong spirituality centered community, living the Catholic virtues as expressed through worship and service. It values the collaboration of all members of the community: pastor, parents, alumni, students, administration, faculty and staff. By modeling respect for all, the school invites members of the school communities to actively participate in a faith-filled campus life.

St. Peter’s Memorial School will create a dynamic academic environment where the love of learning and the pursuit of creative ideas are regularly pursued. Committed and qualified faculty will emphasize high academic achievement while exploring the quest of wisdom.

St. Peter’s Memorial School commits itself to providing academic success for its students, a financially stable school to enhance facilities for students who are nurtured, respected an encouraged to become service-oriented members of the local community. The school invites parental participation, especially through the active Parent Teacher Organization, the School Advisory Board and their functioning committees. As such, St. Peter’s Memorial School creates a positive atmosphere which reflects and supports family values.

The goals of St. Peter’s Memorial School are to provide an instructional program that motivates our students to become lifelong learners and to improve our students’ self esteem and confidence to become ethical citizens and leaders. We believe our students should be enthusiastic, creative thinkers who are able to use available resources and technology to solve any problems which they encounter. We strive to educate our students to be sensitive to the environment and contribute their time, energies and talents to improve the welfare of the earth’s future.

Parents are welcomed to become involved with their student’s educational journey by participating in school events and activities. St. Peter’s Memorial School hosts annual events such as Annual Jamaica, Posada and fundraising sales.

Please come by and see what is happening at St. Peter’s Memorial School.

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United through the Holy Spirit we collaborate to heal divisions and build community.


Living and serving with a hopeful and welcoming spirit we share God’s joy with others.


In word and action we profoundly respect every person.


In worship and service, and all we do, we are faithful to Jesus Christ and His Church.