St. Peter’s Memorial School is accredited by the National Catholic Education Association.

The school follows a rigorous academic curriculum established by the Diocese of Laredo, utilizing the textbook and course material that is utilized by all Catholic schools in the Laredo diocese and is compatible with those standards set forth by the State of Texas for its public system. All teachers, K-5 – 8th grade, have their university teaching degrees and are encouraged to receive their Texas public school certification.

The teachers create and develop an Individual Academic Plan (IAP) for each student in K-5 – 8th grade.

St. Peter’s Memorial School created its own Scope and Sequence in order to have vertical alignment between each grade.


Students beginning in K-5 in the Diocese of Laredo take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills standardized achievement test. Additionally, odd-numbered grades also take the Assessment of Catechesis/Religious Education (ACRE) test. Finally, 1st, 4th and 7th grades take the Cognitive Ability Test (CogAT). Students receive report cards every 9 weeks, which parents are required to review and sign before returning to their child’s teacher. Students also receive progress reports at midpoint every nine weeks.

Iowa Test scores at the school continue to improve year after year.


St. Peter’s Memorial School hosts an annual Science Fair for students beginning in K-5 and above. Independent judges are called in to judge the entries, which count as exam grades for students. The top three in each grade are awarded trophies.

The school boasts its own science lab.


St. Peter’s Memorial School has an Accelerated Reading Lab for students in order to promote reading and comprehension skills. Students in every grade take computer classes with age appropriate lessons that teach familiarity with computers, software programs and when necessary, access to search engines and other resources for projects.

St. Peter’s Memorial School completed a new and improved state-of-the-art computer lab in August 2012.


Middle school students (6th – 8th grade) are required to read a minimum of six above grade-level books per school year, complete with reports and supporting assignments for each.

All grades incorporate vocabulary building skills and writing intensive projects.

Students are required to enter various local, state and national art and essay contests sponsored by outside organizations which count as test grades.


For those students who may need additional academic assistance, and also meet certain state guidelines, a tutor from Laredo Independent School District comes to the school a few days a week to tutor them.